If you’re searching for an exciting activity to do with your family in Dubai, dune buggy tours should definitely be on the list. This adrenaline-pumping adventure is suitable for all ages and skill levels – making it the ideal activity to enjoy together as a unit. In this article, we’ll explain what dune buggy tours in Dubai entail, what you can expect, and why they have become such a must-do activity for visitors to the city.

What are Dune Buggy Tours?

Dune buggy tours are off-road adventures that take place in the desert. Participants ride a two-seater dune buggy, an off-road vehicle designed for use on sand dunes. These buggies boast powerful engines and reliable suspension systems so they can tackle any terrain with ease. Tours are led by experienced guides who know the area well and will guide you safely through the dunes.

What to Expect on a Dune Buggy Tour:

Book a Dubai dune buggy tour for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Tours typically last one to two hours, taking you through some stunning desert landscapes. You have the choice to drive your own buggy or ride as a passenger – depending on which option suits best. Your guides will guide you through various terrains such as high dunes to flat desert areas, while showing you the ideal spots for taking photos and admiring the view.


Tours are suitable for all ages, though some tour providers may have age restrictions. Young children can ride as passengers with an adult driver while older children and teenagers can try driving themselves under supervision of the guide. No prior experience is necessary as guides provide all necessary instructions and safety equipment.

Why Dune Buggy Tours are Great for Families:

Dune buggy tours are an ideal activity for families to enjoy together, as they are incredibly fun and thrilling. Zooming over the dunes is exhilarating, providing everyone in the group with an exhilarating experience they’ll remember forever. Additionally, it provides families with a chance to get away from Dubai’s busy streets into nature, giving everyone an escape from reality.


Dune buggy tours are also an excellent opportunity to bond with your family. When you’re out on the dunes together, you’ll have a shared experience that you’ll talk about for years to come. It’s your chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Finally, dune buggy tours are a safe and well-organized activity. Your guides are experienced and knowledgeable, taking safety very seriously. You’ll receive all necessary safety equipment as well as an in-depth briefing before setting off. So you can sit back, enjoy the experience knowing that everything is under control – with peace of mind.

Tips for Booking a Dune Buggy Tour:

If you’re thinking about booking a dune buggy tour for your family in Dubai, here are some tips to keep in mind:


Booking Ahead of Time: Dune buggy tours are a popular activity, so it’s wise to reserve your space ahead of time in order to guarantee not missing out.


Check Age Restrictions: Before booking any tour, be sure to look into the age restrictions for it – particularly if you have young children in tow.


Dress Appropriately: Being outdoors in the desert requires comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also a must-have.


Listen to Your Guide: Your guides are there to ensure you stay safe and have an enjoyable experience, so pay attention to their instructions and advice.


Have fun! Have an enjoyable stay.